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Interior Design

My design journey first began with Interior Design & Architecture, designing commercial and residential spaces ranging from French restaurants, nightclubs, advertisement agencies, technology co-working spaces, hotels, and contemporary residential lofts and multi-family dwellings. 




  • Dental Office

  • Sawadee Tai Restaurant

  • Terminal Z Airport Lounge

  • Duro Ad Agency

  • Amazon Preservation Learning Center

  • VIVE Bar & Lounge

  • NEXT Corporate Offices

  • SPREE! Nightclub + Bar

  • Retail Store + Showcase Space

  • SpAcE. Technology & Innovation Center

  • Play La Palooza Play Studio


Amazon Preservation Learning

Center & Manager's Apartment Suite

Play La Palooza Play Studio   Frisco, TX

SPREE! Nightclub & Bar

SpAcE. Art-Making Tech Center

MUSE French Restaurant 

DURO Ad Agency

The Amethyst Hotel