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About Me

My name is RaeVan Symone Parson, a graduate with a  Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture and Southern Methodist University Lyle School of Engineering with a Master's of Arts in Design & Innovation (MADI). Additionally, I've received a Project Management Certificate from Cornell University. The design experiences received in these institutions has prepared me to take a multi-disciplined approach to solving today’s complex problems within the areas of Human-Centered Design, Architecture, Product Design, UX/UI, social engineering and advertisement campaign consulting. 


I’m seeking opportunity to use my critical design thinking skills and knowledge of design processes to better serve your clients and provide more value to the end user. I am a designer that loves to work as close as possible with those that will be the first to experience a finalized design and purposefully design experiences to uncover their most earnest needs. Whether consulting on research or strategizing for a new product to innovate a growing market, I believe my multi-disciplinary approach to design will make me a great asset!

"Creativity is nothing but a mind set free."

-  Torrei T. Asai

RaeVan Symone Parson
Design Strategist
Tel: (972)-835-3411